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Everything You Need to Know When Choosing Men’s Mountain Bikes

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Contrary to popular belief, choosing the best men’s mountain bikes to use does not really have to be difficult. Your job could be made easier as long as you have the right information you need to make the right decision. With that information, you can purchase a bike that is right for your own personal preferences and needs.

The most basic but very important guideline to keep in mind when buying men’s mountain bikes is to ensure that it is a true bike. As you know, there is a huge difference between what is considered a regular bike from a mountain bike. So, you have to identify that distinction before you can move onto the succeeding steps. Road bikes, after all, lack the capacity present in mountain bikes to navigate difficult terrains, something of which the latter is designed specifically for.

The next important factor to look when buying men’s mountain bikes is the bike frame. As compared to regular bikes, they have relatively more suspension and are much heavier than the former. This will enable riders to overcome difficult and high terrain. There are different types of suspension that you must also be keeping an eye on, such as hard-tail, soft-tail, rigid, and dual suspension. Your choice of bike suspension is crucial in your final choice of bike.

When it comes to the bike frame, you might also want to check the angles of the frame, most notably the ones at the head tube and the seat tube. A wide-angle is ideal so you can maintain good handling while trying to pedal your bike in an uphill terrain. If you want high speed riding in a downhill terrain, then shorter angles are best recommended for that.

Lastly, check the brakes of the men’s mountain bikes for your own safety. Two standard types of brakes are available to choose from: the standard v-brakes and disc brakes. The disc brake is preferred by many since it provides a more reliable brake system, even for different types of terrains. Plus, maintenance is easy and is far more durable with disc brakes over standard v-brakes on men’s mountain bikes.

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A Call From An Old Friend

The phone rang today, and it was an old friend, Julie. Julie was one of my first friends when I moved to Florida. We met at a civil job, and just through casual conversation, we both picked up the subtle signs of “lifestyle”. There are certain words and phrases that people give off that you can sometimes tell they are in a lifestyle. I can’t tell you specifically, but there are certain phrases and suggestive comments you only typically hear from other lifestyle people.

Julie is actually in the BDSM lifestyle, and is the first person to bring me to a BDSM club. It was a fun experience, just not for me, not now.

I hardly hear from her anymore. She travels for months at a time with her job, so it’s hard to stay in contact. It’s either that or the fact that Perverted Pete fucked her. I’m not sure which.

Things started out really well. She seemed to fit in, and I was even considering bringing her in as a third. But there was a difference that I couldn’t seem to get through to her. I was looking for a female toy, someone for Pete and I to play with. She, on the other hand, was looking for something poly, to be the third part of our relationship. I wasn’t looking for that.

Julie had done it with other couples but had done it within the confines of her lifestyle, the BDSEM lifestyle. There was a time she even lived with a married couple, and it lasted about a year.

But that didn’t fit into my plans. If she couldn’t just be a play toy, and I’m not trying to be derogatory, I wasn’t interested. But that’s the role I was looking for. Just a friend we sometimes play with. During playtime, we all have fun, but when playtime is over, we just go back to being friends. No lingering kisses, or anything outside of playtime.

On top of that, Julie had a danger streak in her, and when it came to s*x, it was only really turned on when there was some aspect of danger involved. Talking everything out first seemed to take the edge off and she became a little disinterested. So for many years we never went down that road.

But Perverted Pete still wanted to play with her. Finally I told them both to go ahead and play.

The first time Perverted Pete messed around with her as at her office on be8tube. Her company had just moved into a new building, and Pete was doing some work for them. One night towards the end of the job, they started messing around in the conference room, which was on the ground floor, with one wall being windows facing the parking lot.

After messing around a while, Pete finally got her to the point of being completely naked on the conference room table. Just as he was about to go down on her, there were sirens in the parking lot. Four county sheriff cars were in the parking lot watching the action through the window. When he finally got her naked, they turned on the sirens and started hooting and hollering. I’m telling you, the guy has no luck.

A few weeks later, he finally was able to play with her. After all the anticipation, it was a bit of a letdown. Probably the largest reason being that she was a danger freak, as soon as the condom went on, she completely lost interest and just laid there. The danger of bareback is what got her off. So for Pete, it was a conquest, but not a very satisfying experience.

She has since taken a job that requires a lot of travel for extended periods. We hear from her when she is passing through.

It was nice of her to call, but I’m glad she’s not staying.

Building the Rivendell “Betty Foy”

It’s been a while since I last posted, I know, but I didn’t feel much like idle chit chat after the funeral, and then Walu and I went to San Francisco to escape the heat for a few days, and then school started back up…it’s an old story.

Anyway, I have lots of things saved up to talk about–so many, in fact, that I hardly know where to start. I’ve dithered about the issue for a couple of days now, and have finally decided to just jump in with whatever is foremost in my mind. I’ll get to all the other posts in due time.

So here’s what I’m spending much of my spare time on these days: building a new bike. The bits and pieces came via UPS while we were in San Francisco:

I’ve long had the idea that I’d like a bike I could throw a handlebar bag onto, loaded with a camera and a lunch, and go rambling around for hours at a piddling pace–an old-fashioned European touring bike, if you will. (Of course, this begs the question that there is anything in or around LBB that might invite rambling and touring.) The Ruby and the Salsa, much as I love them and as much as they serve their own, specialized, useful services, are simply not comfortable enough for me to imagine spending long hours in the saddle on them. The problem seems to be with the drop bars and the beating my hands take on them. More than 20-30 miles, and I am done with the rambling fantasy.

Neither bike has the geometry for a handlebar bag, either, though I have, in fact, been putting one on the Ruby lately so that I can carry a camera along on my rides. Even so, there just isn’t anything remotely “rambly” about the Ruby. She is built for one thing, and that thing, on a person with better legs than mine, is speed. The Salsa might be a little rambly, but she’s just not super comfortable.

Nevertheless, in an experimental mood earlier this year, I switched the drop bar on the Salsa for a pair of Nitto Dove handlebars (swept-back, or “North Road” style). What I got was less than satisfactory. Not only did I immediately develop knee problems from the change in geometry, but there was also an obvious loss of speed. I got, in short, a bike that was neither a fast commuter (which La Chica was before) nor a rambler capable of going long distances comfortably.

I’ve wanted a Rivendell for a couple of years, and the Betty Foy, in particular, for the last year or so, since it seemed to fit the profile of what I wanted exactly. Rivendell is reputed to be extraordinary bikes–durable, well-made, exceptionally comfortable to ride–indeed, the very ramblers I’ve been fantasizing about. Short of a custom-built randonneuring bike, they are probably the best on the market for a person searching for such a steed. So when I got a little discretionary money in the form of a paycheck for a summer course I taught at Mary Baldwin College in June, I thought I knew a good way to spend it. Even so, it took me almost two more months to make up my mind to place the order. I mean, how many bikes does one person need?

Ironically, it was a bit of a car-trouble that gave me the push I needed. My Subaru had some hiccups when I was traveling back and forth between San Angelo, and since it is nearly ten years old, I started thinking that maybe I should look into getting a new car. But then–miracle dictu!–the hiccuping turned out to be a very fixable problem, and suddenly I had a car that probably has a few more good years left in it. So if I wasn’t going to have to spend my money on a car…

Plus, all these bikes added up don’t even come close to what a new car would cost. Heck, they wouldn’t even add up to a good used car! Ok, maybe they’d add up to a mediocre used car, but you get my drift.

You see what kind of scary rationalization I am capable of.

Anyway, I called up Rivendell and in short order, the Betty Foy and most of her bits and pieces were on the way. (One can, of course, order a fully built bike from Rivendell, but why would an incorrigible tinkerer want to do that?)

This is the second bike I’ve built from scratch, the first being the Salsa Casserole. This one was a little easier since it came with the bottom bracket and headset/fork already installed. In no time at all, I had the guts of the bike put together, more or less in this order (the astute reader might notice that I started out in my shop, but I quickly determined that it was too STINKIN’ HOT to work  out there, and so was driven inside to my auxiliary shop, aka, the front living room):

7 Benefits of Routinely Cycling for Women

The benefits of cycling for health are already no longer in doubt. Although spelled out as a simple sport, cycling can be felt benefits not only by many people. Especially for women, the sport of cycling can actually provide many benefits and positive effects. Not only for physical health, but cycling can also provide significant benefits for one’s mental health. Moreover, this exercise can train your body to stay active in motion.

Getting to Know the Right Cycling Sports Techniques

So that the benefits of cycling that you get the maximum, you should not do this sport carelessly. By doing the right technique, you can get an increasingly positive impact. In addition, you can also avoid injuries or unwanted incidents. Here are some basic cycling techniques that you need to know to get the maximum benefits.

1. Pay attention to the Rhythm of Pedal

When you pedal a bicycle, ideally the pedal range ranges from 60 to 80 revolutions per minute (rpm). Of course, racers have their own pedaling rhythm standards, which is 80-100 rpm. You can adjust the pedal rhythm as needed. But, if the bicycle pedal that you use is a type of clipless pedal, try to alternately push and pull the pedal between the left and right legs slowly. This trick can make legs leaner because more muscles are attracted when pedaling.

2. Position the Body Correctly

When cycling, don’t concentrate too much pressure and emphasis on the muscles in one area. You need to vary the position of the body and hands correctly. For example, you can change the angle of your back, arms, and neck. Make sure your elbows and arms are relaxed to make it easier especially when you are cycling on uneven roads. As much as possible also do not hold on to the curved handlebars for a long time because this risks making you experience cramps in the shoulders, neck, and hands.

3. Adjust the bike with body posture

It is important for you to ensure that the size of the bicycle frame or pedal is right for your body. The trick, you can ride the bike and find out if your feet are flat on the ground. Or you can also consider some of these tips to see if the bike has the ideal size for you:

  1. When the pedal is located at the lowest point in the rotation, ideally the position of your foot will bend slightly.
  2. Try bending your elbows slightly to find out if your feet are too close or far away from the handlebars.
  3. No matter what type of bicycle you choose, make sure that the bicycle frame fits the body to prevent muscle aches.

4. Pay Attention to Cycling Routes

Always pay attention to the route like what you use when you do bicycle sports. The cycling technique that must be done is certainly different when you are on a flat track with an uphill track. On a flat track, you will usually find it easier to move gears, but not when you go uphill. In these conditions, you need to move the chain to light teeth and avoid moving teeth with a fast jump.

5. Pay attention to Security and Safety

Before using a bicycle, you need to check all components ranging from brakes to tire conditions to avoid the risk of accidents. Do not forget to also always wear a head protector, knee, and elbow so that the effects of injury are not too fatal if you fall.

Know the Various Benefits of Cycling for Women

After knowing what you need to pay attention to while cycling, you also need to know the benefits that can be obtained from this sport. Especially for women, here are the various benefits of cycling that you can get:

1. Reducing Pain During Menstruation

Cycling is known as a sport that can reduce the pain felt by the body, including when you experience menstrual pain. In fact, this exercise is believed to be a good exercise during menstruation. By cycling, blood circulation in the body will become smoother and oxygen can be distributed to all body muscles. The result, the risk of experiencing menstrual pain problems can be reduced.

2. Forming Leg Muscles

Cycling routine helps build leg muscles, especially in the area of ​​the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. If your muscles are well-formed, then you will more easily burn calories even when you sit. Of course, leg muscles won’t look like sports athletes, but your legs will look firmer and leaner. Having long and beautiful legs would be a dream for every woman, right?

3. Burn Calories

For women, having an ideal body weight is clearly a dream thing. Not infrequently, many women are willing to do various types of diets and exercise to reduce calories in the body. In this case, cycling can be one of the right sport choices to do. You can burn 400 to 1000 calories just by cycling for 1 hour, depending on the intensity and load of paddles installed. The longer the duration of the bike and the harder the stroke, you will automatically burn more calories. If possible, you can also use a bicycle as a means of daily transportation.

4. Prevents the Formation of Cancer Cells

According to research from the University of Glasgow, routine cycling can prevent the formation of breast cancer cells. Based on the study, those who routinely cycled for at least 5 years were rarely exposed to the risk of getting cancer or heart attack. In fact, as we all know, breast cancer is still one of the scourges that often haunt women today.

5. Maintain Joint Strength

According to Everyday Health, women are three times more prone to arthritis than men. This is caused by four factors, namely genetics, obesity, biology, and hormones. Usually, joint disorders will easily attack people with obesity. However, if you regularly cycle, obesity and joint problems will be easily avoided.

6. Sleep better

Insomnia can strike anyone at any age, especially adults. But, you can overcome insomnia problems by diligently biking. One of the benefits of this exercise, especially for women with insomnia, which is able to make you sleep more soundly. This is because the condition of the body that is fresh and fit after cycling will make the body more relaxed when resting.

7. Maintain Mental Health

Changeable hormone conditions cause women to be susceptible to stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. However, if you are diligent in exercising, mental health can be more awake because blood circulates to the brain more smoothly than people who are lazy to exercise. One sport that is right for maintaining mental health is cycling. Because this sport combines physical activity and outdoor exploration that can help your mind become more relaxed.

Your body will become active in motion and eventually produce more sweat when cycling. If the sweat mixed with bacteria, it is not impossible for the problem of body odor will come. However, do not let the fear of body odor problems actually prevent you from getting the various benefits of cycling. To overcome this, you should always use antiperspirant deodorants before cycling.

Have a Night Cycling Plan? These Tips & Benefits

Cycling during the day is healthy, but what happens if conditions do not allow? Then the alternative is night biking. The responsibility that must be done during the day is not neglected. But you can still maintain fitness after all obligations are finished.

Night biking is gaining popularity among urban circle. The reason is almost the same, many choose to ride in the dark because they can not do it in the morning or afternoon. Generally, residents of large cities will be busy with work every day. So the evening becomes an attractive solution for cycling, other than of course on holidays or weekends.

Night Cycling Tips

When you decide to go to bed at night you need to be more careful. Limited visibility due to lack of lighting, makes my friend Avelio is required to have good reflexes and bicycle support equipment. Here are some tips that need to be prepared so that staying at night becomes safe.

Bicycle Light Lighting

When cycling, the lighting factor becomes very vital. The reason is, the human eye cannot respond quickly when in a dark condition, visibility is also limited.

If the route to be traveled has adequate lighting, you might not need extra lighting. The city lights are enough to help you see the terrain and surroundings. But on the contrary, if the planned path is relatively under-lighting, the installation of bicycle lights is obligatory.

In the middle of traffic, vehicle lighting has two functions. First, so that drivers can easily see the lane, as well as making the vehicle easily visible to other road users. This also applies to bicycles, especially when on result hk highway.

For front lighting, make the headlight’s visibility the main consideration when choosing it. High brightness and wide highlight, suitable for dark streets. Modern bicycle lights generally use LEDs. If Avelino’s friend chooses this type of lamp, pay close attention to its placement. Fluorescent LED lights have the potential to dazzle the driver’s view from the opposite direction.

In addition, do not forget to install a red light at the rear, so that the vehicle at the back is aware of the existence of a bicycle that Avelino’s friend is driving. You can also install a reflector instead of the back lamp. But make sure the reflector is able to reflect light properly.

If you still feel lacking, you should wear a hi-viz vest or reflective clothing, or brightly colored clothes. There are also cyclists who add colorful lights to the spokes of the bicycle (spotlight). Not only to enhance the appearance of the bicycle, but the lights also have a safety purpose. This type of light usually has a flame feature that can be adjusted, which is blinking mode fast, slow and ordinary.

Check the condition of the bicycle

Like cycling during the day, checking the condition of the bike on a regular basis is also absolutely legal. You are even advised to carry out more intensive checks before leaving for biking at night. The reason is not easy to find a garage that is open at night. Even seeking help will usually be more difficult.

Checking the brake and tire conditions become one of the important things that you must do. Don’t forget the bicycle chain too. Of course, you do not want to suddenly break the chain in the middle of the road, right?

Know the Route

Knowledge of the route is important to find the safest and most convenient route to a particular location. For the cycle, the best route is definitely bicycle-friendly roads.

Choose a route that is friendly for cyclists, that is, those that have special lanes for bicycles. If there isn’t, it’s better to use the side of the road. Also, avoid protocol roads prone to traffic jams. Because in addition to the unpleasant atmosphere, traffic jams also make the air dirty. Then you also need to know the smoothest path and avoid roads with poor asphalt conditions. Even though lighting is adequate, potholes are still dangerous.

Benefits of Night Cycling

Cycling at night is also good for health if done in a way that is good and right. Research from the Clinical Research Center at the University of Chicago produced something about it. That people who exercise after working all day are more likely to get a higher level of fitness than other times.

Night sports also help reduce stress levels and make a better quality night’s sleep. Especially if not done alone. Cycling with colleagues in the community will feel more fun and make the mind more relaxed. And again, my friend Avelio who pays attention to appearances also needs not worry about his skin turning dark. When biking at night, your white skin can’t possibly be exposed to ultraviolet rays. So your beauty or beauty level won’t decrease.

Cycling Makes Your Heart Healthy

Throughout the 2018 Paris-Roubaix race, there was unfortunate information. Young chauffeur Michael Goolaerts all of a sudden dropped throughout the race. It should be flown to the closest medical facility in Lille, France. That evening, at 22:40 regional time, the Veranda’s Willems-Crelan racer passed away. The physician specified that the 23-year-old racer passed away from a cardiac arrest.

I, as a cardiologist that is likewise an energetic bicyclist, is obliged to offer education and learning regarding the heart. To ensure that regular bicyclist is not scared. I likewise truly delight in and delight in biking. Can interact socially, can tinker with his bike, can be trendy with the most recent biking clothing, can most likely brand-new locations, and obviously end up being healthier and in shape.

Additionally, biking is a reduced effect sporting activity, because the body is sustained by the butts, hands, and feet. So there‘s no extreme accident in the knee location.

Inning accordance with a number of research studies that have been released in both health and wellness and lay media, there‘re many advantages from biking for our cardio system when done properly, consisting of :

  • Decreasing the danger from cardio illness such as stroke, hypertension and heart attack
  • Enhance the heart muscle mass, decrease relaxing heart price, and decrease degrees from fat in the blood.
  • Reduce weight.
  • Enhance lung features.
  • Decreasing the danger from diabetic issues by enhancing insulin level of sensitivity to the body.

Nevertheless, sportsmen particularly bicyclists are not unsusceptible to heart and blood vessel issues. The concern that usually occurs is, why does a cardiac arrest happen?

The heart is a body organ that is composed mainly of muscle mass that pumps blood continuously. To relocate, the heart requires blood provide acquired from coronary arteries.

Heart issues can happen when there‘s an issue in the provision from blood to the coronary arteries. Typically triggered by high blood thickness (can happen because of experiencing hyper cholesterol or dehydration).

This problem can be intensified by inflammatory stimuli such as adrenaline (throughout a race or workout), do not have from remainder and healing and cigarette usage.

This can harm the wall surfaces from coronary arteries and trigger injury in the internal cellular lining. To ensure that it makes this challenging for blood to circulation to the coronary system and ultimately triggers heart issues.

Although the proportion from cardiac arrest on the bicyclist is rather reduced, there‘re a couple of points to keep in mind :

1. Breast pain

Breast discomfort is frequently challenging to explain and is incorrect for tummy discomfort. One indication that may result in heart issues is left breast discomfort that radiates to the equip, pierces the back and there‘s a sensation from being clinically depressed. And if breast discomfort enhances at remainder, you ought to instantly inspect as much as the doctor

2. Unusual or uneven heartbeat

Heart price inspects can be done by hand touching the wrist or neck. The arrhythmia (unusual heart price) that happens usually in professional athletes is atrial fibrillation. An evaluation in 2009 revealed that endurance professional athletes had a danger 5 times higher than typical people.

What is been afraid of this problem is that when the heart doesn‘t defeat typically, the blood is not pumped efficiently by the heart. Triggering blood to embolisms to ensure that this can block various other body organs, such as the mind. Indications that can be really felt are breast pain and if our heart price screens reveal unusual numbers, such as 210 bpm, without specific tasks, we should be watchful for tonight.

3. Shortness from breath

Each bicyclist has various practices and taking a breath pattern from each various other. If you really feel a taking a breath pattern that‘s not customarily after that we should be watchful.

4. Uncommon tiredness

There‘re times when we exercise bikes on the path we‘re utilized to and great, after that when we duplicate this really feels really exhausted after that this may be triggered by the efficiency from our heart which has started to decline

5. Black Out or practically or passed out

This signifies risk. Consult your physician straight or the closest health and wellness center

History of Bicycle Discovery and Its Development in Indonesia

Did you know that the bicycle we know now has a very long history? Starting from the simple shape, three-wheeled to modern bikes with various types and variations that we know today. All that can not be separated from the creativity and innovation developed by experts from various fields that complement each other.

In various information and historical records, the first bicycle was discovered by Baron Karl Drais von Sauerbronn or more commonly known as Karl Drais-born on April 29, 1785, in Karlsruhe, Germany. He works as the chief forest supervisor. To support his duties as chief forest supervisor, he needs transportation equipment with high mobility.

Based on these needs, Karl Drais then innovated to create a means of transportation to support his work. Until finally he succeeded in creating a breakthrough that is very important for the modern bicycle technology that we encounter now. The initial form of the bicycle that was created at that time was a three-wheeled bicycle without pedals.

Quoted from Akhmad, Karls Drais made his first trip on June 12, 1817, from Mannheim to Schwetzinger Relaishaus. His second trip from Gernsbach to Baden was also carried out in the same year. With that vehicle, Karl Drais was reportedly able to go faster.

The first trip with his bicycle was covered and published in a local German newspaper in 1817. Karl Drais himself gave the name of this creation bicycle with Draisienne. Draisienne’s popularity did not last long. Because thereafter new types of bikes with their respective advantages emerge.

Thanks to this idea and creativity, Karls Drais was awarded the title of duke on January 12, 1818. In addition, Grand Duke Karl Drais was also appointed as a professor of mechanics. This degree is an honorary degree that has nothing to do with universities or other institutions. When retiring from civil service, Karl Drais continued to receive a salary in return for his services as a bicycle inventor.

In Indonesia, the popularity of bicycles was introduced in the Dutch colonial period. The Dutch brought bicycles made in Europe as a means of transportation during their occupation in Indonesia.

Unlike what we are seeing now, once the common people have not been able to enjoy the means of transportation. Only rulers and aristocrats can enjoy bicycles. Almost everyone recognizes that bicycles, which are generally made in Europe, were a luxury means of transportation at that time.

In the 1960s, along with the development of transportation technology, the position of the bicycle as a high-class vehicle was slowly displaced by the popularity of motorbikes and cars. While bicycles made in the 1930s to 1950s soon became old things that were easy to leave behind, even though there were also people who started collecting bicycles in this era.

As reported by Akhmad, ancient bicycles made in England include Humber Cross (1901), Raleigh (1939), Phillips (1956), Hercules (1922). While bicycles made in the Netherlands are Batavus (1920), Gazelle (1925), Valuas (1940), Master (1950), and several others.

Ancient bikes made in the Netherlands (Dutch Bike) are often also dubbed as bicycles or camel bicycles. Even now in the 21st century, there are still collections of bicycles made in the early 20th century such as the Veeno brand that is sought after by bicycle lovers.

In addition to onthel, we also know the term bike jengki. The term “jengki” comes from the word “Yankee”. This title is intended for Americans. This term emerged when Americans in the 1960s could invade Indochina. At that time, Americans and their products brought new physical characteristics, behaviors, thoughts, and appearance to Asians.

President Sukarno even had time to ban the entry of all Western-made products. As a result, bicycles made in the Netherlands and Western Europe could no longer enter Indonesia, so the bicycle market was enlivened by Chinese-made bicycles with new shapes and proportions such as the Butterfly and Phoenix brands.

When viewed, the frame of a bicycle made in China is much lighter and its size is smaller so it is easier to drive by Indonesians. The new output bicycles are often also called people by the name of the jengki bike.

From there jengki bikes became popular terms related to antique bicycles in addition to other designations such as beetle bikes and sounding bikes.

Besides jengki bikes, Indonesia actually has long known racing bikes. Before World War II there were already several professional Indonesian bicycle riders funded by companies such as Mansonia, Triumph, and Hima.

Initially, bicycle racing activities were in Semarang. The velodrome was founded in the city by architects Ooiman and Van Leeuwen. But this activity was stopped during the Japanese occupation. After the proclamation, bicycle racing was held again.

At the 2nd National Sports Week of 1951, bicycle racing had become an official sport in the competition. Several regions later formed a bicycle racing association, and finally, the Indonesian Bicycle Sports Association (ISSI) was established on May 20, 1956, in Semarang.

Starting in the 1980s, the popularity of bicycles in Indonesia began to be dominated by modern bikes such as mountain bikes, urban bicycles (commuting bikes), children’s bicycles and later there were folding bikes.

Of the many types of modern bikes, mountain bikes are the most popular in Indonesia. The bike, which was first introduced in 1977 by Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, and his team, was indeed favored by many urban communities in Indonesia.

Now in the millennial era, bicycle models are also growing. Currently, there are MTB bikes (mountain bikes) to folding bikes. Besides that BMX bikes are also starting to be in demand by young Indonesians. This is because BMX bikes can be used to perform extreme attractions that challenge adrenaline.

Thousands of bikers Honor Thai king in Thailand

Thailand’s crown royal prince has led a mass cycle occasion with Bangkok in recognize from his dad, the ailing King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The ” Bike for Father ” event comes amid a crackdown versus movie critics from the monarchy.

Some 100, 000 people ended up in Bangkok on Friday, coordinators stated. Leading armed forces and politicians likewise signed up with the procession from bike bikers in Thailand’s funding.

The 63-year old Crown Royal Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn (pictured over on a red bike using blue handwear covers), going the bicyclists along the 29-kilometer (18-mile) path.

” Some people wish to share this minute to send out an indication to our king that all of us like him really much, ” stated 44-year old Nusara Anuntavanichaya, that shown up together with countless viewers.

The ” Bike for Father ” trip belongs to nationwide events complying with king’s Bhumibol Adulyadej 88th birthday celebration recently. King’s birthday celebration is commemorated as Father’s day in Thailand.

Using Yellow Squad


The queen is an extremely admired number in the nation burdened by years of political discontent. Nevertheless, the king has invested much from the last 6 years in a Bangkok medical facility, because of installing health issues.

In August, the Imperial Home Bureau stated that the senior leader got therapy for ” sprinkle on the mind “, or hydrocephalus.

The Friday occasion is likewise viewed as a possibility for the crown royal prince Maha Vajiralongkorn to reinforce his public picture.

The leaders from an armed forces junta, which has ruled Thailand because Might 2014, applauded the heir obvious, dressed in yellow as a nod to the main shade from the imperial house in the city.

” I‘m pleased that the Crown Royal prince graciously inaugurates the ‘Bike for Dad‘… to recognize the King on his 88th birthday celebration, ” military principal transformed leading Prayut Chan-O-Cha stated.

The bike trip was transmitted online whatsoever public tv networks in Bangkok.

Program Under Fire

The Thailand imperial household is secured by among the harshest lese majeste legislation on the planet, endangering jail sentences from as much as 15 years to anyone that ” defames, disrespects or threatens the king, queen, heir obvious or minister. ”

The military program has been dealing with enhancing objection over the application from the imperial defamation legislation.

Many observers implicate the junta from interpreting the legislation also extensively and utilizing this to persecute its political challengers.

Previously in the week, a guy was apprehended for ‘liking’ a doctored picture from the king.

Tazza Review of Exciting and Entertaining Hot Table Conflicts

This movie informs regarding Do Il Chool (Park Jung Minutes) that has a skill for having fun online poker. Do Il Chool’s dad is a great bettor and one ear was reduced after he was captured unfaithful.

Do Il Chool satisfies a mystical bettor called Aekku (Ryoo Seung Bottom) and is included generally gaming globe. Helped by Kkachi (Lee Kwang Soo) that readies at card control, the 3 are having a hard time in a tense activity on the planet from elite gaming.

In the trailer submitted on the main CGV site, Do Il School was changed from a trainee that cannot end up being a charming online poker gamer gone along with by an articulate over-specifying, ” Exactly how good is that? ” Wealthy or otherwise, all of us have fun with 7 cards. Well worth defending. ”

Nevertheless, due to his pastime from gaming, Do Il Chool was hunted by financial obligation collection agencies, as well as they didn‘t are reluctant to harm Do Il Chool if he would not pay the financial obligation.

Up until someday, Do Il Chool satisfied a mystical long-haired guy that stated, ” This is a chance to modification your life. ”

The mystical guy is Aekku, and he presents a One-Eyed Jack card, an unnoticeable card that can lose whatever.

Aekku’s objective is to produce a dependable king4d gaming group by event a variety of professionals, consisting of Kkachi, Young-Mi (Lim Ji Yeon) and Supervisor Kwon (Kwon Hae Hyo).

After signing up with the team, Do Il Chool discovered himself in a gaming circumstance with high risks, also they started to go into the elite gaming location.

Tazza is a movie adjusted from a comic from the exact same call composed by Kim Se Young, released because of January 11, 2007, by Arbitrary Home Korea. Tazza: One-Eyed Jack is the 3rd comic released in the Tazza comic collection.

Benefits of Cycling for Men

By doing routine biking workout will offer many advantages for our body such as can enhance the muscle mass from the reduced body, bones, educate the heart as well as can alleviate tension. Biking alone or with family and friends are equally as advantageous to our bodies, sporting activity is really interesting and not also hefty and you can likewise include good friends while preserving a healthy and balanced body, this sporting activity you can make as a healthy and balanced and testing pastime, because by biking you‘ll be much more learn more about the atmosphere about you and you can likewise attempt a course that‘s challenging to pass. Well on this event I‘ll talk about what are the advantages of biking for physical health and wellness.

This sporting activity doesn‘t just have advantages for ladies, however, biking likewise has advantages for guys and among the advantages for guys is to enhance leg muscle mass stamina. Typically an individual has a number of hundred muscle mass that are utilized daily to preserve body fitness and health. Those that don‘t work out for 1 week will have danger from shedding 50% from muscle mass stamina and can harm the muscle mass in. When the body is removing, the muscle mass from the body is likewise energetic and will make the body muscle mass end up being powerful and feature extremely well. With this biking, the body muscle mass, particularly leg muscle mass will end up being much more energetic and will decrease the danger from harm to the muscles.

Cardio and cardio disease

Among the advantages of biking in the early morning is to preserve a healthy and balanced body and heart health and wellness. The heart is the essential body organ in everybody, without a healthy and balanced heart we can‘t online typically because if the heart is not healthy after that all tasks that can be done will be restricted. A restricted task can be relied on is among the reasons for cardiovascular disease, body or body that doesn‘t do many tasks such as sporting activities can trigger loss from stamina and health and wellness in the heart. All elements or qualities from an undesirable heart problem can be reduced or gotten rid of by biking, besides doing biking routinely weekly can likewise decrease the danger from cardiovascular disease by as long as 50%.

Psychological health

The following advantage of biking is that this can preserve our psychological health and wellness. Biking regularly will offer favorable advantages for our body and mind, because by doing this workout literally and mentally can be much more steady. Not just that with biking can help in reducing stress and anxiety, anxiety and various other mental issues. and this ends up biking is likewise really great for harmonizing hormonal agents. Do this biking workout in the early morning and in an awesome location after that immediately all your psychological concerns will be reduced.

Improving Respiration

Oxygen has an essential feature for all living microorganisms that make it through because this has the advantage of introducing the breathing procedure and oxygen is a fundamental require daily if there‘s no oxygen we can‘t take a breath typically because certainly, the breathing system will experience disturbance. Biking is thought to enhance taking a breath and lung muscle mass to ensure that taking a breath ends up being much better and obviously much healthier also. Having actually a healthy and balanced or great breathing system can work to enhance the quantity from power got by the body. Because with great taking a breath after that all body organs from the body will likewise run smoothly.

Helpful for preserving body shape

Among the great advantages of biking is that we can reduce weight, simply puts by biking routinely as long as 3 to 4 times a week has the ability to preserve body form and will definitely make the body appearance slim and the body will really feel in shape constantly. Nevertheless, this technique can just be effective if finished with self-control, which implies you ought to not quit doing cycling tasks if you wish to have a perfect body form. So do this biking workout routinely weekly and you‘ll get the perfect body form because your fat will immediately burn.

Currently, that is a range of advantages from biking for guys. Do regular biking tasks a minimum of 3 to 4 times a week after that you‘ll get a healthy and balanced body and perfect body form. But at first, this will really feel hefty and careless however if you can do this workout routinely after that you‘ll get many advantages, do this gradually and make this biking sporting activity as a pastime.