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A Call From An Old Friend

The phone rang today, and it was an old friend, Julie. Julie was one of my first friends when I moved to Florida. We met at a civil job, and just through casual conversation, we both picked up the subtle signs of “lifestyle”. There are certain words and phrases that people give off that you can sometimes tell they are in a lifestyle. I can’t tell you specifically, but there are certain phrases and suggestive comments you only typically hear from other lifestyle people.

Julie is actually in the BDSM lifestyle, and is the first person to bring me to a BDSM club. It was a fun experience, just not for me, not now.

I hardly hear from her anymore. She travels for months at a time with her job, so it’s hard to stay in contact. It’s either that or the fact that Perverted Pete fucked her. I’m not sure which.

Things started out really well. She seemed to fit in, and I was even considering bringing her in as a third. But there was a difference that I couldn’t seem to get through to her. I was looking for a female toy, someone for Pete and I to play with. She, on the other hand, was looking for something poly, to be the third part of our relationship. I wasn’t looking for that.

Julie had done it with other couples but had done it within the confines of her lifestyle, the BDSEM lifestyle. There was a time she even lived with a married couple, and it lasted about a year.

But that didn’t fit into my plans. If she couldn’t just be a play toy, and I’m not trying to be derogatory, I wasn’t interested. But that’s the role I was looking for. Just a friend we sometimes play with. During playtime, we all have fun, but when playtime is over, we just go back to being friends. No lingering kisses, or anything outside of playtime.

On top of that, Julie had a danger streak in her, and when it came to s*x, it was only really turned on when there was some aspect of danger involved. Talking everything out first seemed to take the edge off and she became a little disinterested. So for many years we never went down that road.

But Perverted Pete still wanted to play with her. Finally I told them both to go ahead and play.

The first time Perverted Pete messed around with her as at her office on be8tube. Her company had just moved into a new building, and Pete was doing some work for them. One night towards the end of the job, they started messing around in the conference room, which was on the ground floor, with one wall being windows facing the parking lot.

After messing around a while, Pete finally got her to the point of being completely naked on the conference room table. Just as he was about to go down on her, there were sirens in the parking lot. Four county sheriff cars were in the parking lot watching the action through the window. When he finally got her naked, they turned on the sirens and started hooting and hollering. I’m telling you, the guy has no luck.

A few weeks later, he finally was able to play with her. After all the anticipation, it was a bit of a letdown. Probably the largest reason being that she was a danger freak, as soon as the condom went on, she completely lost interest and just laid there. The danger of bareback is what got her off. So for Pete, it was a conquest, but not a very satisfying experience.

She has since taken a job that requires a lot of travel for extended periods. We hear from her when she is passing through.

It was nice of her to call, but I’m glad she’s not staying.

Tazza Review of Exciting and Entertaining Hot Table Conflicts

This movie informs regarding Do Il Chool (Park Jung Minutes) that has a skill for having fun online poker. Do Il Chool’s dad is a great bettor and one ear was reduced after he was captured unfaithful.

Do Il Chool satisfies a mystical bettor called Aekku (Ryoo Seung Bottom) and is included generally gaming globe. Helped by Kkachi (Lee Kwang Soo) that readies at card control, the 3 are having a hard time in a tense activity on the planet from elite gaming.

In the trailer submitted on the main CGV site, Do Il School was changed from a trainee that cannot end up being a charming online poker gamer gone along with by an articulate over-specifying, ” Exactly how good is that? ” Wealthy or otherwise, all of us have fun with 7 cards. Well worth defending. ”

Nevertheless, due to his pastime from gaming, Do Il Chool was hunted by financial obligation collection agencies, as well as they didn‘t are reluctant to harm Do Il Chool if he would not pay the financial obligation.

Up until someday, Do Il Chool satisfied a mystical long-haired guy that stated, ” This is a chance to modification your life. ”

The mystical guy is Aekku, and he presents a One-Eyed Jack card, an unnoticeable card that can lose whatever.

Aekku’s objective is to produce a dependable king4d gaming group by event a variety of professionals, consisting of Kkachi, Young-Mi (Lim Ji Yeon) and Supervisor Kwon (Kwon Hae Hyo).

After signing up with the team, Do Il Chool discovered himself in a gaming circumstance with high risks, also they started to go into the elite gaming location.

Tazza is a movie adjusted from a comic from the exact same call composed by Kim Se Young, released because of January 11, 2007, by Arbitrary Home Korea. Tazza: One-Eyed Jack is the 3rd comic released in the Tazza comic collection.