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Identification of People Addicted to Online Togel

People who are experiencing addiction to online lottery gambling and online poker generally show several characteristics. This review will discuss this.

Getting money is fast, easy and only requires a little capital, that is the lure offered by the online lottery gambling game. But behind all that, there are risks and also a prolonged impact awaiting these Singapore online gambling players.

Addiction is one of the risks that threaten people who often play this numbers lottery game. Online gambling players, especially those who have won bets will find it very difficult to stop gambling, even though they have lost repeatedly.

This is because the mindset has broken which tends to dream of getting money in an instant way. A person who has experienced any online gambling addiction is likely to have a messy life.

Are you one of the people who is addicted to this online lottery gambling? If so, we have some tips that will help you escape this gambling addiction. Here are the tips and full reviews.

Do Self-Introspection


One solution to overcoming online lottery gambling addiction is by introspecting yourself. This is the first step which is very important for you to do.

You can start by doing a simple reflection, namely by remembering flashbacks of how your previous life was before becoming an online gambling player. By doing this, you will be able to find the wrong points regarding your decision to play online gambling.

Generally, by realizing the mistakes that have been made, one will become more motivated and serious about leaving the world of online gambling.

Find Out the Initial Reasons Why You Are Gambling

After you have inspected yourself, continue to remember why you played gambling. This section is also no less important than the previous point, where understanding the reasons why you are playing gambling can help overcome what causes you to play online gambling,

Try to remember your reasons? Are you taking part in this gambling game because you are looking for extra money, just fill your time, or are influenced by your friends?

Be Honest with People You Trust

Having support is one of the good things in the process of overcoming online gambling addiction, including online lottery. Support from people closest to or who you trust will make you more survive leaving the world of online gambling.

Start honestly with people you trust and ask them to provide advice and help you not to return to playing online gambling games. Relatives or good friends will certainly be ready to help you through this problem.

Improve Your Relationship With God

There is no better and stronger helper than God. With His blessing, you will get smooth in the process of self-improvement so that you are free from this online lottery gambling addiction. Start getting closer to your creator again by improving the quality of your worship.

If you are a Muslim, also try to take part in Islamic activities such as recitation, social actions, and others.

Try Blocking Access to Gambling Sites

So that you are not again tempted to visit online gambling sites, try to overcome it by blocking your internet access to online gambling sites. To do this, there are many options you can use, ranging from setting your browser to not allow access to unsafe sites.

You can also rely on several applications such as Family Shield, Jeniustoto, and several other applications. But if you want to block the site permanently, blocking it through a network proxy, is more recommended for you.

Find Useful Things To Do

Even though you have previously closed your access to gambling sites, that does not mean that it will destroy your desire to gamble. In order to get rid of your gambling desire completely, you are advised to find useful things or activities that you can do.

You can try to re-do your hobby or develop yourself by taking a number of soft skills learning classes. If you do this, you will slowly forget your desire to gamble.

That’s a glimpse of information about how to deal with online lottery gambling addiction. Hopefully, this information can help you or your relatives to get away from this gambling addiction.