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Recommendations for the Best Bicycle Brands at Affordable Prices

Cycling is one of the activities that are fun and certainly exciting, besides that cycling can also make the body healthier and fitter. This one activity can not only be done by adults, but children can also do this one activity. The thing that is needed for this one activity is a bicycle, the bicycle itself has many types and brands so you have to pay attention to this, especially if the bicycle is going to be used for a long time. Well, here are some recommendations for the best bicycle brands at affordable prices that you can make a reference to when buying a bicycle.

1. Polygon


Polygon is the best bicycle brand based in Sidoarjo, East Java. Where this brand is very popular among bicycle lovers both at home and abroad. This bicycle brand has quality features that make this one brand very popular in the market. In addition, this bicycle brand is also tough enough so that its use will last longer.

2. Cannondale


Cannondale is one of the best bicycle brands to come from Canada. This brand has been around since 1971 but the first bicycle was only produced in 1983. Cannondale itself is a bicycle brand that has brought a breakthrough in the bicycle industry with an aluminum frame. This brand produces a variety of bicycles such as mountain bikes, urban bicycles, women’s bicycles, road bikes, and others.

3. GT Bike


GT Bike is a bicycle brand that has the advantage of a triangular design that makes it tall. This best bicycle brand has three main productions, namely BMX bikes, mountain bikes, and road bikes. This GT bike is very light so it is very comfortable to use for cycling. In addition, this brand is quite popular in Indonesia because it has an attractive appearance.

4. Kona


Kona is the best bicycle brand based in the Pacific Northwest, where the company was founded in 1988 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This bicycle brand is known to be tough and quite famous among bicycle lovers. This brand has several bicycle products such as Kona Lanai and Kona Blast which are well known for their durability even on dangerous tracks.

5. Giant


The next best bicycle brand is Giant, where this company is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer which is recognized as the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. In fact, there are 12,000 shops in more than 50 countries. Giant itself produces many types of bikes such as mountain bikes, MBX, fashion bikes, hybrid bikes, and others.

6. Fuji


Fuji is a bicycle and bicycle brand owned by Advanced Sports International. This company is a descendant of the Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company, Ltd. which is a bicycle factory that was originally founded in Japan in 1899. This bicycle brand is known as a manufacturer of BMX bikes, children’s bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, fashion bikes, and women’s bicycles.

7. Genio


Genio is the best high-quality local bicycle brand. This one brand is in the same production house as the United brand. This one-brand bicycle has the best components and is friendly to use in all fields, be it soft off-road or highway.

8. Specialized


One of the best bicycle brands is Specialized, where this brand produces bicycles and spare parts. This one brand is based in the United States. The Specialized brand is very popular in the world, especially in the world of sports, even the five cyclists who competed in the Olympics used this brand.

9. Senator


Senator is a quality local brand that has no less strength than foreign products. This one brand offers bicycle products with a sturdy design and is available for all ages.

10. Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz is an upscale mountain bike brand based in Santa Cruz, California. This bicycle brand is arguably the most popular in the world because it has the top-class performance. Santa Cruz itself launched its first product in 1994 which already features a full suspension and 3-inch private travel design. This brand also has a lightweight pedal stroke design so that the rider does not tire quickly when climbing an uphill road.