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The Reason People Suddenly Like Cycling

The beginning of the emergence of this trend a few months I think only happens among classmates in my city alone. Understandably, many of my classmates are students of sports scholarships. It turned out that the trend of 2 notes & also occurred in several cities, especially during the easing of the PSBB. Valid evidence of this trend can be seen from the increasing sales of bicycles, the intensity of Insta stories about bicycles, to the fact that they have begun to spread to the posts of city info accounts, info intercepts, etc. Why does cycling really happen?

The first reason: sports are basically a trend. Do you still remember the trend of futsal sports at the beginning of the decade of 2010 or the trend of going up the mountain after the film “5 cm” aired? Almost the same as the trend 2 notes & massively lately that repeats the cycle. The trend in each region is not always, the same as the volleyball trend of the past three years in my area which forces residents’ yards to become impromptu volleyball courts, certainly not the same as the sports trends in the Capital City or other areas.

Not surprisingly, in addition to the resolutions discussed at the turn of the year, sports trends are one of the topics that usually do not escape predictions at the beginning of the year. Kemal Palevi, who once brought stand up comedy material about sports trends in different years, but still relates to the community now. Evidence of sports can not be separated from the trend. And basically, like a kite, if it enters the rainy season, it will disappear.

The next reason is certainly due to social media. Especially since entering into the post-everything interferes with. Basically, humans have a tendency to imitate the choices and behavior of others. However, humans also indicate that humans want to do the opposite to signify the uniqueness in a group by making choices that are different from the others. The trend of cycling now can be because people tend to follow other people who want to be different from others. In essence, when it becomes anti-mainstream it becomes mainstream.

Another reason, some of our society justifies the trend of cycling in the middle of a pandemic. If people say “it’s okay, it’s also sports, so that the immune system is good,” even though the reality is a bit biased between sports so that the immune system is stronger and more people are clustered. Well, the name is also a social creature, there must be a feeling of itching when meeting someone who has the same hobby. The default is to get a ground coffee gathering. I am sure that if not in a situation like this, these cyclists have made a show rich in the children of RX King or other motorcycle communities. Yes, at least 2 notes & travel around Indonesia, then meet the chapter cyclists mania from other cities.

The last reason, the air is shaking. During the pandemic, the decrease in the volume of vehicles on the streets of big cities is directly proportional to the improvement of air quality in big cities. According to the Jogja Daily, in Jogja for example, throughout May, the carbon monoxide content (a compound produced from incomplete combustion of vehicle engines) in the air decreased by 42%. Besides being tempted by the trends and posts of social media buddies, people also tend to take advantage of the momentum of improving air quality in big cities. Moreover, Indonesia entered the end of the rainy season when the intensity of the rain declined. Rain becomes rare, not too hot.

Sports is one of the physical and psychological activities of a person that is useful for maintaining and improving the quality of one’s health. If you want to motivate bikers just to join in or something else, it’s not wrong, as long as it’s done correctly, like in this pandemic, as long as it still complies with health protocols and certainly respects other road users.